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A veteran of both the US Army and US Air Force, Professor Wes O’Donnell is a highly sought after presenter who has recently spoken at TEDx on Data Visualization and the US Air Force Academy on Leadership. He is noted for his fascinating, informative, dynamic and entertaining keynotes. Wes educates companies and government organizations on a number of topics ranging from emerging technology and big data visualization to veteran’s issues and leadership. But Wes’ best talks tend to center around his personal journey from poverty to distinguished entrepreneur and professor; a truly inspiring journey.

Do You Have Any Privacy Rights When US Border Officials Search Your Laptop?

What privacy rights do you have if your laptop is seized at a United States border crossing? The case United States v. Cotterman revolves around this issue. Of interest here is how advances in cybersecurity and computer forensics are changing how the Fourth Amendment is applied.

Examining Tribal IT Capabilities: Alaska Road Bumps and Arizona Insights

In a previous article, AMU graduate student Mark Colwell and I discussed our exploration of how tribes in Alaska use information technology (IT). Through a research grant from APUS, we had the opportunity to examine the dynamics of IT among tribes in Alaska and Arizona.

Kasparov Urges DEFCON Participants to Use AI More and Kaspersky Security Software Less

DEFCON began in 1992, when Platinum Net, a Fido protocol-based hacking network, held a party in Las Vegas for members of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and their users. The party was organized by Jeff Moss, an American hacker, computer and Internet security expert.

DEFCON Hacking Conference Features Diversity as Its Mission

People keep coming back to DEFCON because of the unique quality of the conference presentations. They are often on topics that most organizations would not want to publicize: computer hacking, robots hacking safes, implanting passwords and cognitive memory.

When Does a Cyber Attack Become an Act of War?

Consider the increasingly common ransomware attacks, such as the cyber attack on the Erie County Medical Center’s computers. Its 6,000 computers were disabled and a ransom demand for nearly $6,000 appeared on the screens of the affected computers to unlock their data. The Buffalo, New York, medical center refused to pay and suffered nearly $10 million in expenses.

BSidesLV Information Security Conference Provides Useful Job Information

In addition to learning more about information security, the BSidesLV Information Security Conference in Las Vegas is a target-rich environment for gaining information about jobs. In some cases, you might even have the chance to interview with potential employers as well.

Tech-Flash: Elon Musk Buries your (Future) Tesla

It’s not an elevator to the underworld—it’s a portal to congestion-free underground tunnels designed to get you closer to your big-city destination while bypassing traffic jams above.

First Day at BSidesLV Information Security Conference Offers Insightful Lessons

The BSidesLV Information Security Conference was filled to capacity on the first day of the show. This free conference has grown in popularity over the years, generating lots of interest because of its excellent speakers and topics.

BSides Las Vegas Information Security Conference Opens

BSidesLV, a non-profit organization designed to advance information security knowledge, opened its annual two-day open conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, July 25.

Cybersecurity Hazards Abound in Airports, Parking Lots and Conventions

With so much public attention to viruses, ransomware and cyberattacks, you might think that you’ve heard all the possible ways someone can attack your computers or mobile devices.