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Report: One in Four Wi-Fi Hotspots Insecure

Kaspersky Lab recently published a detailed report on the state of Wi-Fi security across the globe.

NCSA Advises How to Holiday Shop Safely Online

The NCSA published its 'Cyber Safe Holiday Shopping Resource' to help online shoppers increase security.

Do Biggest Cybersecurity Risks Come From Employees?

Results of a recent study from Kaspersky Lab called into attention a big cybersecurity problem in the business world: employees.

Web Application Attacks Decrease in Q3

Akamai reported a slight decrease in web application attacks on yearly basis in Q3 2016.

U.S. CISO Spells Out Cybersecurity Priorities

Gen. Gregory Touhill is the first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in United States history.

DHS Looks to Dispel Cybersecurity Job Myths

DHS recently looked to dispel the myth that a cybersecurity talent shortfall currently exists

Akamai Reports Big Increase in DDoS Attacks

Akamai reported a 71 percent increase in total DDoS attacks year-over-year in Q3 2016.

The Healthcare Industry Has a Ransomware Problem

More than two-thirds of organizations in the healthcare industry have been infected with malware in the last year, a recent report revealed.

NIST Offers Guidance on IoT Security

The NIST published a detailed report on securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Financial Organizations Hit Hard by Cyber Attacks

A recent report revealed a high occurrence of cyber attacks on the financial industry in recent months.