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Ukraine Has Evidence That Russia Is Plotting a Large Cyber Attack

Ukraine claims that Russian hackers infected over half a million routers and storage devices. This infection is in preparation for a future cyber attack.

DoD to Award Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud Contract in Fall 2018

DoD has been working on a cloud concept called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. The government is expected to bid out the contract this week.

Protecting Critical Information Assets from Intruders and Insiders

Wise companies should identify their information assets, perform regular risk assessments and take the necessary steps to protect their information.

Senate Democrats Introduce Congressional Review Act to Save Net Neutrality

At the beginning of May, all 49 Senate Democrats expressed support for a Congressional Review Act. The CRA aims to save net neutrality.

Google and Facebook Offering New Protections in a Bid to Defend Democracy

Google just released a free DDoS protection platform, Project Shield, to protect news sites. Also, Facebook has implemented several protective programs.

US Army Creating a 'Special Forces' Unit of Cyber Warriors

The U.S. Army is creating a "special forces" unit of cyber warriors. The move comes after Army leaders recognized operational gaps.

Getting a Job in Cyber Defense Requires More Effort than Just Obtaining a Degree

People often tell me that they want a cyber defense job. I tell them that's great, but you must do much more than simply get a college degree.

On the Road Again: Exploring Information Technology with the Navajo Nation

Many Native nations face challenges in gaining full access to IT and its benefits. In April, we traveled to Window Rock, capital of the Navajo Nation.

Why Reducing Hackers' Dwell Time in Your Organization's Network Is Essential

During dwell time, a hacker can cause considerable damage to a corporate network. Companies need to be as proactive as possible to detect intrusions.

Mobile App Security and Ensuring the Mobile Apps You Download Are Safe

Using mobile apps has its cybersecurity risks. But Google and Apple are working hard to further improve mobile app security.