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Active vs. Passive Cyberattacks: Which Is More Dangerous?

Cyberattacks generally fall into two categories: active cyberattacks and passive cyberattacks. But which is more dangerous?

Coming to the Office Environment: Virtual Reality Training

Many enterprises use virtual reality training for their employees. It appears likely that other companies may eventually follow the same path.

Digital Data: The Trade-Off between Privacy and Necessity

Ultimately, we have to trust the guardians of our digital data to do their jobs. However, we should also exercise caution whenever we provide information.

3D Printing Software Contains Some Cybersecurity Risks

3D printing’s capabilities are still being explored. But as its popularity increases, there will be an even greater need to protect 3D printing software.

Smart Devices Providing Helpful Evidence in Crime Solving

Smart devices have proven useful for law enforcement. The data that smart devices collect has provided evidence that has been introduced in court.

Smart Devices Used by Abusers for Digital Gaslighting

There are multiple ways for domestic abuse victims to cope with digital gaslighting. Victims can also collect evidence to provide proof of the abuse.

The ‘Going Dark’ Problem: Digital Privacy versus Security

Although various answers have been proposed to solve the "Going Dark" problem, further efforts will be needed to create workable solutions.

Could Artificial Intelligence Do Your Writing for You?

For the foreseeable future, AI software will be a useful partner, but it needs more work before its writing is indistinguishable from a human writer.

Open Source Software: How Good Is Its Overall Security?

Open source software can enhance productivity and reduce costs. But before using it, know exactly what that software will and won’t do for you.

Cyber Readiness: Are You Prepared for 2019's Challenges?

This year will certainly offer many security challenges. But improving your cyber readiness is a wise step in combating attacks.