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Hackers Using AI to Make Cyberattacks More Effective

Attackers are taking advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the effectiveness of their cyberattacks.

Cryptojacking: A Rising Threat to Company Computers

Cryptojacking, the practice of secretly invading and using another person's computer to mine cryptocurrency, has become a new rising threat to corporate servers, computers, and mobile devices.

Protecting Your Mobile Devices from a Hacker’s Eyes

Although taking all of these steps to protect your mobile devices from hackers can feel like a hassle, they are worth your time.

How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Server Rooms

Fixing energy efficiency problems in server rooms can be equally useful and potentially cost-effective by lowering a company’s utility bills.

Edge Computing: Why You’ll See More of It in the Future

Anne Taylor of Network World notes that edge computing is likely to affect many industries in the future. It could even have a future in education.

Four Ways to Better Protect the Cybersecurity of Your Smartphone

Although allowing cybersecurity updates to your smartphone is one way to ensure its security, there are other ways to further protect your phone.

Web Developer Communities and the Capital One Hack

The FBI arrested Seattle software engineer Paige Thompson for her alleged masterminding of a massive data theft involving banking giant Capital One.

Why the US Needs More than GDPR to Preserve Data Privacy

Over time, it may be possible to pass a national law that provides data privacy for people of all ages. It should include penalties for violators.

Travel Phishing: Protect Yourself from Summer Scams

Attention to detail and common sense go a long way in helping you to avoid becoming the victim of a travel phishing scam.

Active vs. Passive Cyberattacks: Which Is More Dangerous?

Cyberattacks generally fall into two categories: active cyberattacks and passive cyberattacks. But which is more dangerous?