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Employee Negligence a Big Cybersecurity Risk for Businesses, Study Says

A recent study says employee negligence is the main cause of data breaches. Executives also stated that external vendors were a cybersecurity risk.

Orlando Airport and US Customs to Implement Facial Recognition Technology

Florida's Orlando airport, notorious for its long security checkpoints, will soon get new biometric screening in the form of facial recognition technology.

Trump-Kim Summit Gift Bags Containing Fans with USB Drives Raise Cyber Eyebrows

Journalists attending the recent Trump/Kim summit were given fans with USB drives, which cybersecurity experts warned may contain malware.

City of Atlanta Victim of Devastating Ransomware Assault

On March 22, the City of Atlanta was the victim of a ransomware attack that caused widespread problems. Atlanta has stated that it did not pay the ransom.

Buffalo Wild Wings Issues Apology for Racist Tweets after Hack

Restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings has issued an apology after a series of racist tweets appeared on Twitter. The posts were created by an unknown hacker.

FBI Recommends Rebooting Your Routers NOW to Protect Them

The FBI has released a public service announcement to millions of Americans, encouraging them to reboot their routers or gateways.

Ukraine Has Evidence That Russia Is Plotting a Large Cyber Attack

Ukraine claims that Russian hackers infected over half a million routers and storage devices. This infection is in preparation for a future cyber attack.

DoD to Award Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud Contract in Fall 2018

The DoD has been working on a cloud concept called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. The government is expected to bid out the contract this week.

Protecting Critical Information Assets from Intruders and Insiders

Wise companies should identify their information assets, perform regular risk assessments and take the necessary steps to protect their information.

Senate Democrats Introduce Congressional Review Act to Save Net Neutrality

At the beginning of May, all 49 Senate Democrats expressed support for a Congressional Review Act. The CRA aims to save net neutrality.