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Protect Portable Devices from the Ghouls This Halloween

Halloween and other holidays are a time to be careful about maintaining your cybersecurity, since hackers can’t wait to prey on your portable devices.

Safeguarding Our Critical Infrastructures from Attacks

Creating better cybersecurity for critical infrastructures won’t be quick or cheap, but the time and money spent on improvements will be justified later.

Common Sense: The Best Defense from Cyber Fraud at Work

Ultimately, the prevention of cyber fraud starts when you know that something isn’t right. If you have even a single doubt, investigate further.

Cybersecurity Offers the Opportunity to Explore Many Career Fields

Within the next decade, there may be up to 3.5 million unfilled jobs available in cybersecurity career fields. The rise in jobs is partly due to cybercrime.

Careers in Cybersecurity: CAE to Hold a Virtual Career Fair during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

On Friday, October 5, the CAE will host the second annual CAE Virtual Career Fair to help cybersecurity students connect with potential employers.

Online Gaming Predators: Take Steps to Protect Your Children

Online games provide a lot of innocent fun for children. But it is all too easy for predators to pretend to be players in online gaming.

Questions You'll Often Be Asked at a Cybersecurity Job Interview

When you’re called for a phone or in-person interview about a cybersecurity job, you’ll commonly face two types of questions.

Your Smartphone or Laptop Camera: A Window into Your Private Life?

When it comes to your smartphone or laptop camera, it’s possible for either type of camera to be hacked and used without your permission.

DEF CON 26: First Day Review and Voting Machine Hacking

The first day of DEF CON 26 featured a keynote speech by founder Jeff Moss and the challenge of hacking state voting machines.

Retired Special Agent Jim Christy Speaks at BSides Las Vegas Conference

Retired Special Agent Jim Christy spoke during the BSides Las Vegas conference. He put together a task force to solve the D.B. Cooper skyjacking case.