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A veteran of both the US Army and US Air Force, Professor Wes O’Donnell is a highly sought after presenter who has recently spoken at TEDx on Data Visualization and the US Air Force Academy on Leadership. He is noted for his fascinating, informative, dynamic and entertaining keynotes. Wes educates companies and government organizations on a number of topics ranging from emerging technology and big data visualization to veteran’s issues and leadership. But Wes’ best talks tend to center around his personal journey from poverty to distinguished entrepreneur and professor; a truly inspiring journey.

Digital Nation: How the IT Revolution Leaves Native Nations Behind

Adequate access to the Internet is still a challenge for those who live in rural tribal areas. Native Americans are disproportionately affected.

No Holiday Season Break for CES Tech Show Preparations

CES, the gathering convention for people thriving in the consumer technology business, begins in 30 days’ time in Las Vegas.

Cyber Extortion through Malware Remains a Major Security Risk

Encryption-for-ransom cases proliferate and are the most viable use for malware, harnessing the most advanced technologies while acquiring new properties.

How Secure Are Your Mobile Devices with Android OS?

Android OS owes a great deal of this market dominance to its extensive flexibility and openness. But Android OS also has a flip side: hackers can exploit it.

Top 10 Reasons Why Security Software Fails to Detect Malware

Malware can get around regular detection by security software. Here are the most common ways that viruses trick and circumvent security tools.

Threats Made By North Korea of Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Against the US

Intelligence officials and national security advisers have voiced concerns that the U.S. is vulnerable to an EMP attack that could take down the power grid.

State Department Sheds New Light on Cybersecurity Threats

Last year, the Foreign Affairs Cybersecurity Center (FACC) recorded 7.5 billion potential risks. From that pool, 17,000 were actual threats.

What Would We Do if Critical Infrastructures Failed Due to Cybersecurity Problems?

The security of our infrastructures depends on cybersecurity professionals. To maintain national security, we need to construct resilient cyber networks.

Cybersecurity Industry Facing a Future Shortage: Are You Ready?

As cyber threats grow and affect more organizations, cybersecurity professionals will also need to grow their skills to meet new cyber threats.

A New Trojan Horse: The Kaspersky Software Hack of US Intelligence

When you look at the U.S. government agencies that used Kaspersky Lab software, you see a textbook list of targets for a hostile nation-state or competitor.