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A veteran of both the US Army and US Air Force, Professor Wes O’Donnell is a highly sought after presenter who has recently spoken at TEDx on Data Visualization and the US Air Force Academy on Leadership. He is noted for his fascinating, informative, dynamic and entertaining keynotes. Wes educates companies and government organizations on a number of topics ranging from emerging technology and big data visualization to veteran’s issues and leadership. But Wes’ best talks tend to center around his personal journey from poverty to distinguished entrepreneur and professor; a truly inspiring journey.

Top 10 Tech Gifts for the Techie in Your Life

While we often focus on cybersecurity at In Cyber Defense, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and look at the lighter side of tech and the hottest gadgets that will be filling stockings this year.

How To Succeed In The Fourth Industrial Revolution: 5 Key Insights From Intel's New "Accelerate Industrial"

Intel’s report is based on a two-year research effort led by Irene Petrick, Senior Director of Industrial Innovation and Faith McCreary, Principal Engineer. They conducted extensive interviews with more than 400 participants from the manufacturing ecosystem, including both those who develop the technologies and those who need to adopt them into manufacturing processes.

Podcast: Could You be the Target of Nation-State Adversaries? What to Know about HUMINT Collection

Foreign governments are continuously conducting covert operations in the U.S. to gather intelligence about public and private sector organizations. One of the best ways to collect information is through human intelligence, or HUMINT.

The Countdown Is On: Cannot Miss 2019 Deadlines for Health Tech & HITECH

In early 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), an economic stimulus package that, in part, allocated billions of dollars to the health sector.

120 AI Predictions For 2020

In 2020, we’ll see HR leaders leverage AI to better identify which employees may be on the verge of quitting. As HR data sets expand with new elements such as survey responses, employee peer-to-peer recognition and employee engagement levels in HR communication platforms...

Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Collects Location Data, Even When Told Not To

Apple’s iPhone 11 has sold well over the first few months since its September launch, even pushing up the firm’s share price. But the iPhone 11 Pro and possibly the iPhone 11 appear to be suffering from a rather serious location privacy flaw.

Larry Page Leaves Google And How A Tragic Death Inspired Two 25-Year-Old Entrepreneurs | Today's Top 12 Stories

Larry Page is stepping down as Alphabet CEO, turning over the role to Sundar Pichai, who has been Google’s chief executive since 2015.

New Android Text Messaging Update 'Exposes Most Users To Hacking'

Mobile messaging has been in and out of the headlines all year. Whether it's the pressure applied on encrypted platforms to open up to law enforcement or targeted hacking attacks on users, messaging security has never been more front of mind.

Why Cybersecurity Needs To Focus More On Customer Endpoints

There's a surge of activity happening right now in enterprises that are prioritizing more resiliency in their endpoint security strategies going into 2020.

Zach Salter On How Blockchain And Crypto Will Benefit The Gig Economy

The gig economy is on the rise with stats showing that millions of workers every year are choosing to trade their traditional employment for work on a per-project-basis.