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INTERVIEW: Company Uses Power of AI to Transform the Sales Process

As a technology writer, I am fortunate to meet and discover influencers and companies that act as real tech disruptors. Nowigence and its CEO, Anoop Bhatia, and his team are just that. If data and information are the currencies of the 21st century, companies that can leverage AI to increase the speed and precision of the flow of information are ushering in the next industrial revolution.

The Billionaires Behind The Secret Tech Mecca In America’s Heartland

Jim Kavanaugh climbs into a sleek, black-leather-interior Mercedes bus that whisks him away from his company's new headquarters in St. Louis to a squat, one-story outpost nearby. Kavanaugh is retracing the route he has traveled many times with executives from hundreds of America's largest companies, including Citigroup, Verizon and Lowe's.

BSidesLV Information Security Conference Provides Useful Job Information