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Cybersecurity's Unprecedented Growth Opens Many Job Opportunities

Cybersecurity's Unprecedented Growth Opens Many Job Opportunities
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By Marissa Bergen
Contributor, InCyberDefense

The need for cybersecurity is on the rise due to its increased adoption in professional fields like aerospace, defense, government, banking, healthcare, information technology, telecommunications and manufacturing. As a result, the cybersecurity industry has beefed up its efforts to identify threats quickly and enable organizations to adopt predictive and preventive methods to combat cybercrime.

A Look at the Cybersecurity Market

A breakdown of who is using cybersecurity the most shows that it is more popular with large enterprises as opposed to small to medium businesses (SMBs). There has also been a lot of growth when it comes to banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), industries where the risk of cyberattacks is high.

While cybersecurity solutions have dominated the market in risk and compliance management, other popular services include identity and access management, firewall, security and vulnerability management. Disaster recovery has had a smaller market share, but that share is expected to experience high growth in the future.

The Need behind the Demand

Obviously, the growth of the cybersecurity market is due to the increased reliance on the Internet, fueled by a shift to mobile devices and requirements. This shift has led to increased cyber attacks and created a need for solutions to combat malicious attacks on large, mid-size and small organizations.

Companies are aware of the negative public relations impact of cyber threats. As a result, many organizations have increased their spending on cybersecurity by as much as 95%.

Geographic Growth of Cybersecurity

Geographic areas that are expected to see a boom in cybersecurity include the Asia/Pacific region. High values and poor security have made this region a prime target for cyber threats, so growth in this market is going to be particularly high.

China is predicted to experience especially high growth in cybersecurity because of its increasing reliance on ecommerce and rapid computerization trends. Other reasons for this growth include increased wired and wireless Internet usage and the growth of cloud computing technology.

Cybersecurity as a Career

The need for cybersecurity has become acute, simultaneously raising public awareness of the many hackers who are resorting to illegal means to access private information.

However, people who are career-minded can leverage this need for qualified workers as an opportunity to hone their cybersecurity skills in what will surely be an expanding and lucrative field. Average salaries in the cybersecurity field are approximately $116,000 a year or $55.77 per hour.

The need for cybersecurity will continue to grow in this Internet-connected world. The good news is that there are many lucrative career opportunities available for tech-trained individuals. It will be interesting to see how the industry continues to grow in the coming years.

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