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The Best Workplace Cybersecurity Starts with Being Diligent and Raising Cyber Awareness

The Best Workplace Cybersecurity Starts with Being Diligent and Raising Cyber Awareness
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By Marissa Bergen
Contributor, InCyberDefense

Today, almost every career is tied to technology. Teachers use SmartPad tablets in their classrooms, while contractors might whip out a smartphone or tablet to create an estimate on location.

While these technological devices help us complete tasks more efficiently, they also contribute to a higher risk of having our cybersecurity compromised. Something as simple as clicking on a link or responding to an email make our accounts vulnerable to being hacked and our private information accessed by a questionable outside source.

Although security threats are scary on the home front, they present an even bigger threat in professional circles, where making the wrong online move leads to serious cybersecurity problems such as the theft of proprietary information. That’s why it’s best for everyone involved if basic cybersecurity knowledge is taught in the workplace.

Tips for Ensuring Better Workplace Cybersecurity

Business owners and high-level executives should be aware of some basic tips that will keep their professional online presence as safe as possible:

  • Work with your legal team to make sure that the right security clauses are built into supplier/customer contracts.
  • Work with your engineering department to make sure you develop secure code for all your applications.
  • Have corporate management work out an incident response plan, should there be any threats to your company’s security.
  • Maintain your security by having cyber professionals come in to perform reviews and quality assurance tests on a regular basis.
  • Work with HR to provide workplace cybersecurity training. Make sure all employees are aware of what’s needed to ensure cybersecurity in your workplace.
  • Assess the reputation and brand trust of all companies you work with before moving forward in your professional relationship.

Hacking Often Successful Due to Human Mistakes

Hacking often feeds on human error. That’s why it’s important to learn all you can about avoiding basic pitfalls to keep yourself safe online.

One thing to be aware of is the use of Google’s URL Shortener. This tool is often used to simplify links to make a document read better.

But be careful. Putting these simplified links in an email could invite hackers to phish your customers with an identical email that uses a similar link to point those customers to a malicious website. Most customers will not even know the difference, but if your well-meant intentions compromise customers’ cybersecurity, your job could be at risk.

Avoiding pitfalls is easier for people who are properly educated on cybersecurity risks. In fact, those who are trained to know what to look out in cyber threats will be more valuable employees and more attractive career applicants.

Do what you can to educate yourself and your staff about possible workplace cybersecurity threats. It’s the right career move to make.

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Marissa Bergen is a freelance writer, mother, wife and musician originally from Brooklyn, NY. Passionate about everything from fashion to technology, her recent writing experience has increased her awareness in digital marketing, cybersecurity and the ever-expanding world wide web. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. Google her to find out more about her writing experience and her other life as a bass player in her family band, The CheeseBergens.