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Executive Action Postponed: Trump’s Cybersecurity Policy Next Up


With less than two weeks into President Trump’s term, the White House is issuing executive orders at a rapid clip. Next in the lineup are highly anticipated executive orders outlining the president’s policy designed to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity defense. Though industry experts were anticipating the signing on Tuesday, Jan. 31, the White House postponed it, as details are finalized.

While draft versions are reportedly circulating among media outlets regarding some hotbed issues — modernizing cyber infrastructure, election systems protection, net neutrality, data privacy and whether Trump’s plan will even diverge from similar plans outlined by Obama’s administration — the president’s cybersecurity strategy is being closely watched.

Few expect anything less than the administration to bolster government systems and demand greater accountability from federal agencies. According to an NBC report, that means holding agency leaders themselves “totally accountable” for the cybersecurity of their own personnel and organizations. While this approach may intend to compel leaders to improve their security policies through best practices and interoperability between agencies, the multi-billion-dollar cybersecurity industry is also waiting to see whether new policies will create a contracting boon.

They’ll have to wait at least one more day.