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Hacking Group Targets Big Media Sites


Group named OurMine continues to grab headlines

Hacking group OurMine continues to target big media sites and other big-name individuals in the U.S.

OurMine is perhaps best known for its hacking of Mark Zuckerberg's social media accounts. The group also claimed to orchestrate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Minecraft and Wikileaks in 2015. Additionally, the group reportedly hacked into a popular YouTube account to post a video that bragged about their hacking exploits.

Business Insider hacked

More recently, the group started to target large media sites. Earlier this month, OurMine gained access to the Business Insider website — reportedly through a re-used password.

On Business Insider, the group posted an article, edited other articles, and even sent out a push notification to users of the Business Insider application.

The Business Insider attack is yet another testament to the importance of mixing up passwords for different account. The attack reportedly occurred simply because an employee with publishing privileges re-used a single password on multiple websites. OurMine captured the password externally and then used it to gain access to the Business Insider site.


Prior to the Business Insider hack, OurMine targeted large news site BuzzFeed.

In October, the group hacked BuzzFeed’s site to post a warning to the media company. The warning was to “not share fake news about [OurMine] again.” BuzzFeed had previously published an article that attempted to out one of the members of the group.