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IARPA’s Biometric Device Challenge


By Evan Stewart

A challenge is underway set forth by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity or IARPA.

IARPA is in search of a biometric device with the capability of capturing an entire fingerprint from one edge to the other that provides accurate data and does not require a human operator to physically roll the finger.

The Nail to Nail Finger Print Challenge offers $350,000 in prizes for the winning participants and are divided into categories. The grand prize of $100,000 will be awarded to the participant providing the best usable matching system, and $25,000 prizes will be awarded for accuracy and speed.

There are three phases to the challenge: first, registration and feasibility; next, development and judging; and finally, test and evaluation. The winning device must produce less than a 10% failure rate, as well as capture clear prints from all ten fingers.