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Preinstalled Malware Detected in 36 Android Phones


By Robert Foster

Check Point Software Technologies released information stating its mobile threat prevention detected malware in 36 Android devices, coming from two unidentified companies’ apps that came preinstalled with the phone. These apps were reported as not coming from the manufacturer but from somewhere along the supply chain.

The malware apps have been described as information stealers and ad display programs, dubbed “Loki” which can also steal data from the device and take control of it, along with the mobile ransomware “Slocker” which encrypts files on the device then demands ransom for a key to allow decryption.

It is not yet known if the two companies involve were directly targeted or if it was simply a matter of convenience and accessibility. The ease with which the malware was detected points to a more general attack as opposed to a targeted effort.

This discovery goes to show that even if the user of a device is extremely careful and takes precautions when surfing the Internet or downloading apps, they are still at risk without even knowing it. Using advanced security measures that identifies and blocks malicious abnormalities is the most effective way to protect the user.