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Mobile Security Threats Loom Large for Businesses

Mobile Security Threats Loom Large for Businesses


Device security becoming a larger issue

When talking about cybersecurity in the business world, the conversation increasing shifts to mobile devices.

A recent survey from Kaspersky Lab analyzed the current state of cybersecurity among businesses globally. Results of the survey pointed to both growing cybersecurity issues and focus across businesses on a global scale.

Loss of data / data breaches turned out to be the most frequent point of concern. However, the surprise, Kaspersky said, showed up at the point of vulnerability. According to survey results, “inappropriate usage or sharing data via mobile devices” was the most common vulnerability.

In fact, more than half–54 percent–of businesses across the globe mentioned mobile usage and mobile data sharing as a big challenge. North American business virtually mirrored the global perspective, as 54 percent stated this concern.

“The survey results indicate the need for a different view on the growing complexity of cyberthreats. The key point here is that threats are not necessarily getting more sophisticated. It’s the growing attack surface that requires more diverse set of protection methods.” — Veniamin Levtsov, vice president, enterprise business at Kaspersky Lab

Increase in smartphone usage

The survey found that nearly one in three (32 percent) of businesses confirmed a big rise in the use of smartphones. But this significant increase did not often coincide with increased mobile security. About 52 percent of businesses, admitted being least protected against mobile security threats.

Employees are a concern

Alongside the mobile concerns are those about employee actions. The study revealed that careless employees pose a big threat to overall cybersecurity. Business are starting to understand this all too well, as 59 percent of businesses in North America stated that the most serious data breach they’ve experienced came as a result of careless and/or uninformed employee actions.