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New Reports Highlight Desire for Increased Healthcare Data Security


By Robert Foster

Results of a recent study published in the 2017 Thales Data Threat Report Healthcare Edition indicated that 81% of US and 76% of global healthcare organizations plan to invest more funds to provide better security for their data against cyber threats.

With the recent changes to the way data is being collected and stored digitally, a requirement resulting from the new government regulations, healthcare data information is at a high risk for cyberattack. This type of private data is now being collected on a variety of devices and passes through numerous people before reaching its end destination, increasing the amount of points at which the information can be stolen or tampered with.

Even though added risk is involved, the information is stored in a variety of storage environments that do not necessarily have the proper security measures to contain the sensitive data. In addition, the devices being used to collect the data potentially lack higher levels of security as well.

An alarming 90% of healthcare respondents believe they are susceptible to cyberattack. It is these numbers that have prompted the healthcare industry to vastly increase spending to create better forms of cybersecurity, even more so than other organizations such as financial and government institutions according to Thales. Preventing breach in data and protecting an institution’s brand were the top two reasons for the increase in security funding.

Data encryption has been shown to be the top choice in protecting sensitive information. However, network and endpoint security are also being modified to provide a higher level of security. Unfortunately, even though necessary, network and endpoint technology are proving to be less and less effective in preventing outside attacks and securing data that is stored outside of the company’s network, according to the report.