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President Obama Releases Statement on Cybersecurity

President Obama Releases Statement on Cybersecurity


Official White House statement addresses cyber defense

President Barack Obama recently released a statement calling on leaders to strengthen cybersecurity defenses across the country.

In the statement, President Obama urged cooperation between public and private parties in an effort to better protect critical infrastructure.

The statement follows the publication of a 100-page report on securing and growing the digital economy. The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, a nonpartisan entity created in February, published the report.

“The Commission’s report makes clear that cybersecurity is one of the greatest challenges we face as a nation. That is why I have consistently made cybersecurity a top national security and economic security priority, reflected most recently by the Cybersecurity National Action Plan I announced in February and my 2017 Budget, which called for a more than 35 percent increase in Federal cybersecurity resources.” — Statement from President Obama

Continued action urged

The report outlines ways for the next administration to continue moving forward and continue improving U.S. cyber defense to guard against digital attacks.

The approach thus far has focused on three main components:
— Raising both public and private cybersecurity defenses.
— Deterring cyber attacks against the nation.
— Responding appropriately when a cyber attack does occur.


In the statement, President Obama noted the current move to modernize many government networks. The federal government has “pushed to reduce the Federal government’s reliance on legacy technologies,” he said.

The current administration proposed a $3.1 billion fund to upgrade vulnerable information technology (IT) systems, and it is likely that the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity will propose further spending in this realm in coming years.

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