Home News Report: Consumers Not Properly Securing Gadgets
Report: Consumers Not Properly Securing Gadgets

Report: Consumers Not Properly Securing Gadgets


Internet of Things (IoT) devices left unprotected

Global computer security software company Intel Security recently warned of cyber threats posed by insecure gadgets. The threat is heightened here in holiday season.

In a recent report, Intel Security highlighted how those who purchase new Internet of Things (IoT) devices can unknowingly increase the risk of cyber attacks.

According to the report, about 84 percent of consumers plan to shop online during the holiday season.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Generally refers to the connectedness of various devices. IoT devices include phones, buildings, vehicles, and a growing list of appliances and other devices. The IoT is the central force fueling the increasingly connected modern day society.

Holiday shopping the IoT

Of those who receive IoT gifts, 79 percent plan to begin using the devices or gadgets within the first day. However, just 42 percent stated intention to take proper security measures with the new devices or gadgets.

And even those who do plan to attempt to take proper security measures may not successfully do so. About 47 percent of consumers stated uncertainty when it came to securing IoT devices.

“Consumers are often eager to use their new gadget as soon as they get it and forgo ensuring that their device is properly secured. Cybercriminals could use this lack of attention as an inroad to gather personal consumer data, exposing consumers to malware or identity theft or even use unsecured devices to launch DDoS attacks as in the recent Dyn attack.” — Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist at Intel Security

IoT devices & DDoS attacks

The U.S. was hit with a large DDoS attack in October. Experts later blamed the massive attack on IoT devices that did not have proper security measures in place.

The occurrence of massive DDoS attacks could very well increase in the near future. Akamai recently reported a big increase in DDoS attacks across the globe and many experts expect more of the same in 2017.