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Report: Problems Abound in Cybersecurity Jobs Sector


New research exposes flaws in cybersecurity field

The cybersecurity job sector continues to grow rapidly, which is bringing the need for extensive research. And recent, in-depth research into cyber defense jobs exposed numerous flaws in the field.

If not full-fledged flaws, some of the findings pointed to cracks in the system. These cracks will have to be filled for the field to continue its rapid acceleration.

The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) International joined up with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) earlier this year to examine the cybersecurity sector. The team published its findings this month in an extensive report titled The State of Cyber Security Professional Careers.

The report revealed struggles and challenges and offered advice for the near future.

Struggle to define career path

Of the most notable findings from ESG/ISSA was that 65 percent of respondents stated a lack of a “clearly defined career path.” This lack of a defined path could make it difficult for cybersecurity professionals to take careers to the next level.

According to analysis within the report, this is likely due to rapid changes in the cybersecurity field itself. Rapid changes can lead to confusion before a clear path emerges.

Lack of continuous education

More than half of respondents also cited a concern over the lack of continuous education at current employers. Approximately 56 percent of respondents stated that current employers do not provide the right level of training to stay current.

With cyber defense transforming at a fast clip, staying on top of new trends can be of utmost importance.

Solutions at hand

Despite the stated lack of defined paths and continuous education, many respondents claimed to have answers. Large percentages of respondents pointed to things like specific cybersecurity training courses (58 percent) and specific professional organizations (53 percent) as ways to easily improve their skills and knowledge.

Source → ESG/ISSA