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Tech-Flash: Elon Musk Buries your (Future) Tesla


By James Thompson

It’s not an elevator to the underworld—it’s a portal to congestion-free underground tunnels designed to get you closer to your big-city destination while bypassing traffic jams above. At least, that’s how Elon Musk envisions the future of commuting will be. And not one to rest on the laurels of a concept—just last week he announced he received “verbal” approval of his vacuum-bullet hyperloop—Musk’s The Boring Company released footage of its Boring Care Elevator.

The grand vision is to embed a three-dimensional network of underground tunnels under major metropolitan areas (e.g., Los Angeles), with speeds of nearly 125 miles per hour. However, you won’t be the one driving. Cars are lowered onto a self-propelling ski that glides along and center track to other drop off points, where the car is then transported back up to the surface (and into traffic).

Earthquake fears aside (remember that Los Angeles opened its subway system in the late 90s without any major issues), the initial test tunnel is being carved inch-by-inch by a mega 400-foot long, 1,200 ton boring machine, working underneath SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles. Whether the venture transitions from concept to full-blown reality remains to be seen considering the program is considered a side-project to space exploration.