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Three-quarters of Cybersecurity Professionals Started in IT


Cybersecurity jobs research points to interesting findings

Cybersecurity is a burgeoning field across the U.S. and the globe. And as the field grows in leaps and bounds, businesses and individuals alike attempt to make sense of it.

The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) joined forces to conduct in-depth cybersecurity jobs research. The duo teamed up in the middle of 2016 and published their findings in October 2016 in a report titled The State of Cyber Security Professional Careers.

The evolution of the IT professional?

Of the most noteworthy findings was that a vast majority of current cybersecurity professionals started out in IT and migrated over. This finding echoes the belief that cybersecurity is equal parts new and evolution. More than three-quarters — 78 percent — of those studied in the analysis began their careers in IT and then moved over to focus on cybersecurity over time.

According to the report, many veteran respondents emphasized the overlap between IT and cybersecurity. Respondents mentioned that IT collaboration was a valuable portion of technical training leading up to new cyber defense careers or focuses.

Other findings

Other findings in the ESG/ISSA report painted a portrait of the current-day cybersecurity professional:

— Satisfaction: About 85 percent of respondents stated job satisfaction. Approximately 44 percent chose “somewhat satisfied” and another 41 percent chose “very satisfied” as descriptors.

— Morality: Nearly half of respondents (49 percent) stated what ESG/ISSA termed “moral” reasons for choosing cybersecurity. About 27 percent chose cybersecurity to help protect businesses, while 22 percent stated attraction to the morality of cybersecurity.

— Demand: Close to half, 46 percent, of respondents claimed to be solicited to consider other cyber security jobs.

High growth

According to ESG, 70 percent of organizations will increase cybersecurity spending in 2016. This forecast points to more explosive growth in the cybersecurity jobs sector in the near future. More research examining the sectors can likely be expected, as well.

Source → ESG/ISSA