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Nine Cybersecurity-Themed Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Nine Cybersecurity-Themed Gift Ideas for the Holidays
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By Susan Hoffman
Contributor, InCyberDefense

The holiday shopping season is here and it’s time to hit the retailers and buy presents for your friends, coworkers, and family members. Are you ready?

If not, we have put together a gift list for you. Here are nine fun, useful and unique cybersecurity-themed gifts for the techie in your life (note: prices do not include shipping and handling costs).

1. Webcam Covers

There are some hackers out there who insist on being nosy and try to spy on you through your own webcam. But with a camera lens cover, it’s easy to block what they see. Amazon offers a range of webcam covers in black, silver and other colors.

Price: $4.99 and up

2. Circuit Board Computer Sleeves

Love the look of circuit boards? Zazzle has a set of computer sleeves decorated to resemble them.

Price: $31.65

3. Keep Calm and Geek On Pillow

“Keep Calm and Carry On” was a popular motivational slogan in the United Kingdom prior to World War II and has spawned numerous updated variations. The “Keep Calm and Geek On” pillow from RedBubble offers a techie twist to this saying.

Price: $28.08

4. iFixit Essentials Electronics Toolkit

Over time, electronics break down and need to be repaired. With the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit, you’ll find it easier to repair your electronic devices and keep your tools in one place.

Price: $19.99

5. Cable Wraps

It’s an inevitable fact that electronic devices require cords and those cords develop tangles. The Container Store offers colorful cable wraps in small, medium and large sizes, so you can easily wrap and store cables of various sizes.

Price: $3.99 and up

6. Power Banks

Running out of power for your electronic device is a hassle, especially when you have little hope of finding a nearby electrical socket to recharge your device. Newegg provides a portable, convenient power bank that can easily recharge your tablet or smartphone.

Price: $19.99 and up

7. I.T. Savior! Coffee Mug

Ever have a tough time remembering the specific keyboard commands to perform certain functions? This useful coffee mug from CafePress lists a variety of convenient keyboard commands and holds up to 11 ounces of a hot or cold liquid.

Price: $9.95 and up

8. Smartphone Cleaner

If you’re tired of wiping fingerprints and grime off the top of your smartphone, The Grommet has a SmartKlear Carbon Smartphone Cleaner that makes cleaning your phone much easier. It’s small enough to be easily carried in a purse or pocket, too.

Price: $14.95

9. Enigma Machine Scarf and Necktie

Is your favorite techie into cryptography or history? This scarf and necktie from Cyberoptix Tie Lab replicate the design of the famous WWII Enigma code-breaking machine at Bletchley Park in England. Both the scarf and the necktie could be great conversation starters at holiday parties.

Price: $44.00 and up

Happy holidays!

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