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Digital Forensics Jobs Offer Various Career Options

Digital Forensics Jobs Offer Various Career Options
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By Susan Hoffman
Contributor, InCyberDefense

Digital forensics, also known as computer forensics, is a unique branch of information technology. According to Blaine Stephens of Interworks, digital forensics is best defined as “the science of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting facts about digital evidence found on computers and digital storage media devices.”

Digital forensics can be used to prove criminal activity in various situations, such as insider theft and corporate espionage. It could also be used to recover stolen data, determine the source of a computer attack or provide evidence during a trial.

What Skills Do You Need to Work in the Digital Forensics Field?

Forbes says at least six different skills are needed to pursue a career in this field. These skills include:

  • Analytical talent
  • Computer science/technology skills
  • Cybersecurity knowledge
  • Organization
  • Communication skills
  • Motivation to learn continuously

It’s also helpful to have a degree in computer science or criminal justice. Certifications are beneficial as well. Forbes notes that having popular certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) are equally useful.

Future Prospects for Digital Forensics Careers

With our ever-increasing use of technology and instances of cybercrime continually rising, digital forensics is a career field well worth exploring. People with the right skills can work in several industry areas, such as law enforcement, private investigation and government agencies.

The average salary range for this type of career is good. According to Business News Daily, “the average salary for intermediate-level jobs in the U.S. is $71,562…However, a senior specialist or forensic analyst can command more than $90,000, whether in private industry or working in government channels.”

If you enjoy technology and are interested in criminal investigation, digital forensics could lead to an interesting career for you. It is also a good way to contribute to the safety and security of people.