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5G Networks: What's the Big Deal and Why Do They Matter?

When it comes to 5G, the fifth generation of wireless technology, cutting through the hype is growing increasingly difficult. Some major mobile carriers are contributing to the confusion. For instance, AT&T has started to call its 4G network "5G Evolution" when it is, in fact, not a 5G network at all.

China's Hackers Accused Of 'Mass-Scale Espionage' Attack On Global Cellular Networks

INTERVIEW: Company Uses Power of AI to Transform the Sales Process

As a technology writer, I am fortunate to meet and discover influencers and companies that act as real tech disruptors. Nowigence and its CEO, Anoop Bhatia, and his team are just that. If data and information are the currencies of the 21st century, companies that can leverage AI to increase the speed and precision of the flow of information are ushering in the next industrial revolution.